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Tourism & Route to go

Tourism & Route to go

Tourism & Route to go:

Sajek was unexplored for a long time and recently it emerged as a tourist spot for its outstanding natural beauty. If one wants to go to Sajek, s/he has to come to Khagrachari District first. To reach Khagrachari from Dhaka or Chittagong by road journey is the only option. From Khagrachari, one must reserve a four wheeler jeep as it is a mountain road. Locally these four wheelers are known as Chander Gari. Though the valley is in Rangamati but to tourists prefer the route from Kagrachari to Sajek valley through Dighinala Bazaar, Bagaihat Bazaar and Machalong Haat. It takes 4 hours in that route and Bangladesh Army provides security escort service in the route from Baghaihat camp to Sajek each day morning and evening. Tourists can also go to Sajek from Rangamati by engine vessel. It takes 5–6 hours in that route.

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